About Us

Back in the summer of 2014 my (then) girlfriend started creating materials to sell on TeachersPayTeachers. At first she was far from an optimist but figured it was worth a try. After a month of selling, and with validation in the form of shoe money, she decided to get serious and upgraded to a premium TpT account.

Since then, the process of selling creative materials has been part of everyday life. Soon it became apparent that this metamorphasis was not a fleeting event, at least for the foreseeable future.

With that, the engineer in me groaned. Not because we were spending a lot of time working on PDFs, but because there were so many aspects of what my girlfriend was doing which could be easily automated. Things she did every day, some of them multiple times per day. Gathering statistics from the web and entering them and their derivitives into spreadsheets... social media... her computer was badly in need of upgrades and enhancements. Each passing day started to feel like she was paying interest on debt she didn't owe. This was death of creativity by a thousand paper cuts. I couldn't take it.

We began coming up with technical solutions to these challenges, automating each menial task one at a time. Eventually, it became clear that many other sellers have the same pain points.

Now we're in the process of adapting these tools to the Web so everyone can benefit from them! The ultimate goal is for little to no time to be wasted on things a computer can do. We have lots of ideas, but we'd love to hear your suggestions too, so send them over!