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Where do I get my data?

  1. Generate a sales report by selecting dates on TpT
    You must be logged in to TpT
  2. Click or tap "Download Sales Details Report"
  3. Use the "Go to Report" link in the email from TpT to save the file
    Don't open the file in a spreadsheet program first, just save it
  4. Back on this page (just below this text) you can click on the box where it says "Click here or drop export.csv". Select the file and confirm. If it's easier, you can just drag the file from your downloads into the space below. is a 3rd party service, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by TeachersPayTeachers.

Click here or drop export.csv

How is the information from my export.csv file used?

  • Your data will be uploaded for processing
  • Your data is deleted as soon as we send the digest information to you
  • Your data is only used for your report (it will not be stored)

Is this safe?

 This website utilizes 2048-bit SSL and achieves an A+ rating from Qualys Labs

I wholeheartedly believe this website is safe and have spent time and money to make it so. With that said, no website can be immune from security problems. You use this service at your own risk. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us. Penetration testing of this service is forbidden.

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All-time total: ${{formatNorthAmerican(calculateAllTimeTotal())}}
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DoW totals for all-time

{{formatNorthAmerican((dowTotal * 100 / calculateAllTimeTotal()).toFixed(2))}}%

Highest Earning Days


Product Insights

({{product.productDays}} days ago)
${{formatNorthAmerican(product.earningsPerDay.toFixed(2))}} / day
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Show DoW earnings for the month of 
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(Days are aligned by the day of week, not date)

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